Schoology: A Door to Communicating with Your Child

How many of you have had this same exchange with your child when he/she greets you at the end of a school day? We know our kids are engaged in a variety of learning activities each day, but too often parents do not get to hear about all the learning that occurs. We know a strong parent-school partnership is essential to student success, and because of this, we want to support ways for our parents and guardians to communicate with their children about their learning. As a parent, accessing Schoology is a great way to open lines of communication with your child to learn more about their learning!

Last year, Pleasantdale adopted Schoology as our Learning Management System (LMS). One of the central reasons for doing so was to enable our students to become more self-sufficient when they leave the classroom, which I explained in more detail in a blog post last year. Schoology allows students access to digital resources and a calendar of assignments anytime they have internet access, and…

Introduction to PSD107 District Blog

Over the course of the past several years, our district has had a focus on improving communication with our school community.  Some of the improvements include the implementation of a communication plan, the use of social networks to get our message out, and the use of blogs to provide the community with more detail about the direction of our schools.  As a district, we have found that these new communication methods contribute to a better-informed community.  We have also learned to be more reflective regarding what is working and what can be improved when it comes to communications.

As part of this reflection, we will be changing the structure of how we deliver our blog.  In the past, all three of our building administrators have authored individual blogs each week.  The feedback we received from parents was that having three blogs to read was too much, and the information found in these blogs was redundant.  Moving forward, we plan on hosting a single district blog with a guest auth…